These are just a few of our clients that have been more than satisfied with our services in the past and wanted to share their thoughts.

Sean Combs

Carlos, with Computer Troubleshooters, is professional, patient and reliable.  We are based out of New York and Los Angeles but we have a small home office in the area that belongs to one of our Executives.  We have tried other local IT services but we were never able to fully rely on them or they didn’t meet some of our requirements.  We wanted a reliable, knowledgeable, trust worthy, person that we can count on to get the job done.  Because they would be dealing with our Executive, we also needed someone that carried themselves in a professional manner.  Carlos is just that.  He is like an extension of our in-house IT team.  Any issue we cannot resolve remotely goes to Carlos.  We are grateful to have found him.  I recommend his services to anyone looking for help with their technology needs.

Jose De La Cruz IT Admin at Combs Enterprises

Every time we call Computer Troubleshooters they are willing to help us out in a jam.  When our computer system went down, Carlos came out and got the systems back up and running in no time at all.  He is a “10” in my book.

The BRN Group Dia Simms

Service was timely and effective.  However, there were several glitches such as not printing and no color the next day.  And the issues were quickly resolved.”  We trust Computer Troubleshooters to solve our network and computer issues so we don’t have to worry about anything.

Harry Ridenour

Computer Troubleshooters has been my IT company since they were Geeks On Call and “as usual, Carlos was very helpful and explained everything in detail. 

I always appreciate his help and his patience.”  Computer Troubleshooters is always willing to help me out whenever my system decides to malfunction.  I also reach out to Carlos every time I have a question because I know he will take the time to answer in terms that I can understand.

Camille Campbell

I had been struggling with several problems and questions before finally calling Carlos. 

I’m not very tech-savvy, but I hate to continually call for help, although the help I receive from ‘Computer Troubleshooters’ is always prompt, answers my questions, and solves my problems.

Margaret Peters

Computer Troubleshooters has come to my rescue several times and especially when we had a severe computer issue.  They restored and upgraded the old system to a Windows 10 machine.  The computer is now better than ever.  We love it when we can just make a call and the problem gets solved. We truly feel that their “service is excellent.  Prompt turnaround time.

East Coast Spa Service Larry Seeger

I have known Carlos since he ran Geeks On Call, now that the company is Computer Troubleshooters they still provide me with great service.  We know that there are numerous tech companies to choose from; however, “the service speaks for itself.  Carlos, You’re the best and you can speak my language. 

Carlos is a very knowledgeable and dedicated professional who handles the IT services for my business”.  I now rely completely on Computer Troubleshooters to keep my system safe, secure and running so I can concentrate on running my business.

Carlos is the best, and the service speaks for itself.

CoCard Tom Meade

As if there weren’t enough problems in my life, I am at least thankful that I can rely on Carlos from Geeks On Call to come and repair my computer.  It has been a relief to see that when I turn the computer on now, it works, thanks a million.  Every time that an issue arises, I know that I can reach out to Carlos and he is always willing to lend a helping hand.  He is very patient with me since I don’t want to understand this stuff.”  Computer Troubleshooters has always assisted me when I needed their help the most.  They take the time to explain things so I can understand what is going on with my system.  When it comes time to replace my computer, I know that they always come through.

Wayne Irving Boucher

Computer Troubleshooters has helped a low-tech firm like ours focus on our business knowing that they have us covered.  From reliable backup of our complete system and data to quick response on tech problems, they have us covered in a way that instills confidence and a sense of security.”  When we had to upgrade all of our Windows 7 computers, including our server, they provided a solution that didn’t break the bank and did away with hardware repair costs.  They maintain our network functional and always keep us abreast of new dangers and vulnerabilities of the network.  We trust what they do because they have proven that they are reliable and trustworthy over the years.

Capital Carpets Inc. Brian Givens, Owner

Our main computer crashed and was rendered inoperable.

Computer Troubleshooters were able to recover the data and restore it to the new computer they built for us.

They were able to get our business back up and running in very short order.

When our second computer ceased to function, Computer Troubleshooters also was able to recover the data.  Since that second computer was old, they built another new computer for us and loaded all the data from the old computer to the new one.

Carlos is very informative, personable, and considers all of your needs!  I have used Computer Troubleshooters several times, they are reliable and I trust them because they answer all of our questions, and the computers they built for us are working great!

Myers and Laws Tree Service, Inc. Tom Laws, Owner

We have used Computer Troubleshooters many times and have always had a pleasant experience when it comes to solving our networking and computer issues.  We have had our share of issues but we know when we reach out to Computer Troubleshooters we receive “prompt service and easy to work with.  Great job, timely, and a friendly smile.  Personal reliable service!!”  Scored a 10!

Magas Accounting Services George S. Magas, Owner

I was extremely satisfied with the very timely service of the repairs to my computer, I was delighted at how fast I got the computer returned.

Carlos explained everything that is new to me and made sure I understood everything and at my age (83) that isn't easy.

Carol Pavek

My ‘Troubleshooter’, Carlos Soto, worked diligently (and successfully) to resolve the residential Wi-Fi problem I was experiencing.  I value his efforts and his advice on computer-related issues.

 Good customer service, very knowledgeable, good value.”  I have had Computer Troubleshooters handling all my IT services for years and fully trust the work that they do for my systems.

Carlos correctly diagnosed the. problem (hardware went bad), purchased new&better replacement, and successfully installed it & got things running again. Installation was not easy, but he stuck with it until he solved the problem. Thanks!

Mike Reed

When we called Computer Troubleshooters for our last service call, we did not expect Carlos to go the extra mile and find us a reliable contractor to do some audio rewiring for our home.

This has nothing to do with our computer but it speaks to the care that Carlos and Computer Troubleshooters take with their clients.

We always get the very best information, equipment, and service.  Computer Troubleshooters is exactly what we need – always!  Carlos has taken professional care of our computer and system back-up.  I trust Carlos and the services he provides.  Thank you.

Frank Salvas

Getting out of computer problems is easy when I rely on Computer Troubleshooters to support and manage my computer.

It is a relief to have them within a moment’s notice.  “Carlos is such a patient teacher.  It is easy to understand because he is so good at making computer stuff to make sense to a non-computer person.

Loved working with Carlos and my problems were resolved.  I get prompt and professional service and the results are always amazing.  He is always so helpful and fun to boot.  Carlos is an amazing teacher.  When he brings a product to install on my system, he makes sure I understand how to use it.  If I do have problems down the pike, the Computer Troubleshooters Help Desk helps me fix the problem or understands better how to use my equipment.  Using the Computer Troubleshooters Help Desk is the best decision I ever made.  It is an investment in peace of mind.  A while back, my keyboard stopped working and the Help Desk not only fixed the issue but taught me what the problem was and how to handle it myself in the future.  Thank you so much for all the ways you make my life better in the age of computers.

“I always get a prompt solution when I ask Computer Troubleshooters for help.”

Carlos was guiding me in the choice of a computer to use when I cannot get to my main computer.  I appreciate his knowledge and skills and his ability to teach me quietly and patiently. Carlos is always so knowledgeable and the work is always perfect.

Sarah Schiebel

I have used Computer Troubleshooters since 2009, when they were Geeks On Call, and have found that they always provide the services that my computer needs to get back to working order.

I used to call them when I needed them and then in 2014 I started using their management systems.

Now, they take care of the security and updates of my computer so I don’t have to worry anymore.

I know when I call them, “I always get the best of service and with a smile too.  The help I received was best.  I appreciate the concern and help always. 

Thank You.

Sandi George

My old computer was having issues, it appeared to have a short.  It was an old XP system and would no longer boot properly.

Computer Troubleshooters was able to retrieve all our documents and save them on an external drive.

Carlos also advised us on what type of system to purchase and what to ask for when we went to the store to buy the new computer.  Computer Troubleshooters does a nice job “because I trust Carlos!”

Margaret Worley

Computer Troubleshooters is a “10”.

They were able to come when we needed them most.  Our router went down and communications in the office were severely affected.

Computer Troubleshooters were quick to come on-site and replace the defective modem.

They were sure to secure it and provide us with the security credentials.  They ensured that everyone and every device was able to communicate without any issues.  They were highly responsive when needed.

Orthodontic Supply & Equipment Co., Inc. Mark Czarniak

Carlos is a knowledgeable professional. 

He wasn’t in a rush, taking his time to assess my issues and suggest solid fixes. 

I highly recommend Computer Troubleshooters

Dale Edwards

I know that I can always reach out to Computer Troubleshooters when I need some assistance with my computer.

Having them come to my home is such a relief so that I don’t have to worry about going and taking my computer to someplace for repairs.

Computer Troubleshooters is a straight “10 because once again, I was very pleased with the services I received”

Marjorie Fuller

Computer Troubleshooters is very responsive to the needs of clients.

Julie Zignego


The knowledge of the people and the company, the owner is a very capable person. 

I will recommend anybody to use Computer Troubleshooters. 

I am very happy with their services, thank you.”

Universal Building Services, Inc. Samuel Escobar, Owner

Carlos Soto is as much a friend as a technical wizard. 

I highly recommend Computer Troubleshooters. 

Carlos is the best.  Been using the service for quite a few years. 

Carlos is practically a member of the family.  We have been customers for over 10 years

Tom Dunne

When we had computer issues, we contacted Computer Troubleshooters and they came to our office off of Shady Grove Rd. to assist.

They helped us with some printing issues and managed a computer that was not on the network, for security reasons, and made everything working as it should.

Out of everything that he did, it came to our surprise that the backups that were previously set were not backing up anything at all.   We were shocked to find out that although we were swapping out the tapes in the drive for no reason.

We built up great confidence in Computer Troubleshooters that we had them service both of our offices, until our retirement.

Now they service our computer in our home.  When we needed a new computer to replace our old Windows 7 system, he set us up with a computer where we no longer have to worry about hardware breakdowns.

Computer Troubleshooters provides “service and clarity that is essential to mature customers such as us. Carlos is the best.”

Sandra Bernstein

I am a Realtor and choose to work from home for the most part.  Therefore, I need to have the latest technology working all the time. 

After I moved to a new home, some of my equipment wasn’t working right.  Carlos Soto, Franchise Owner, came highly recommended by my former tech support person, who had been in the field.  He said he has known and worked with Carlos for twenty years. 

Carlos was someone who could be trusted and was top-notch in his field for what I needed.  I found that very comforting as when someone comes into your home and is working on your computer, they have access to some of your most private and sensitive information. 

Carlos not only got me up and running again, but he made purchase recommendations at my request. 

He was helpful, knowledgeable, yet didn’t’ push to make me spend more money with his company or on other purchases. 

He was encouraging and I will likely take him up on his 6-hour training on ‘anything you need.’  I’m making a list and will be calling Carlos Soto of Computer Troubleshooters soon for some much-needed training!”

Berkshire Hathaway Sherry Felice

Carlos worked tirelessly to get the MEGA data from our old computer to our new computer due to an infected game, etc. 

His knowledge, skills, and determination don’t cease to AMAZE us!!  He answers ALL questions and concerns and provides much-needed information on how to protect oneself from getting hacked. 

We LOVE our new computer and feel blessed to have Computer Troubleshooters to call upon to take care of ALL our computer needs… Carlos is the best!!! 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that he has a WONDERFUL personality, is very professional and courteous and NEVER makes us feel inferior because of OUR lack of knowledge of computers.”

Elizabeth and Richard Lee

Computer Troubleshooters explained everything completely.

Sheila Suffecool

10”, that's all I have to say because Computer Troubleshooters has been keeping our systems working for longer than I can remember.

We know that we can call for assistance at any time, even when we are in Florida.  Now that is service!

We love that we don’t have to worry about anything when we have computer issues because Computer Troubleshooters always takes care of things for us.

Russell Sanderson

We have used Computer Troubleshooters since they were Geeks On Call and have always been very pleased with their work and “attention to detail, taking the time to explain, and patience with a non-technical person.

Every time we run into an issue with our computers we know that we can call on Computer Troubleshooters and they will work on the issue until it is resolved.

I have recommended Computer Troubleshooters to many of my clients and friends.

First Financial Group Jim Fritsch

Computer Troubleshooters handle all my computer stuff so I don’t have to worry about it.

It is a weight off my shoulders knowing that I can get help with just a simple phone call.

I know my system is secured and protected by having Computer Troubleshooters manage my system, it’s as easy as that.

Barbara Wiley

I had several problems with my computer and Computer Troubleshooters was able to help me out every time I reached out. 

I have used them for years and they always give “very professional handling of my problem.  A rapid and timely solution to a malfunction. 

Knowledgeable and pleasant technician.  Extremely professional service.  Excellent service.

Don Morrison

Computers are not my thing and I am glad that Computer Troubleshooters is always there to lend a helping hand when I can’t seem to figure out how something is supposed to work.

Computer Troubleshooters has been keeping my computer system running for years now, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Carlos is reliable and always takes his time and solves the problem with a positive attitude.  They always provide excellent service and reliability.

Barbara Ewald

I first met Carlos from Computer Troubleshooters about ten years ago, in 2009, when our computer failed and we needed help. 

We were running a very busy non-profit greyhound adoption organization and it was pertinent that we were able to communicate with our partners in other states where we got our dogs.  Also, we needed to be able to manage our website and communicate with potential adopters and volunteers. 

One day without our computer could have spelled disaster, especially when it came to coordinating with volunteers who drove long distances to pick up and deliver dogs.  Lives were literally at stake in some instances. 

Carlos helped us through our problem immediately and from that point on we have maintained a successful business relationship over the years.  We depend on Carlos and Computer Troubleshooters for all our computer needs.  He provides us with every service we require on an ongoing basis. 

Once we closed our rescue organization in 2016, we still called Carlos for upgrades, monitoring, and new equipment.  We would not think about going elsewhere. 

In a rapidly changing world of technology, we no longer worry about our computers and we thank Carlos for that.”

Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue Mike & Hettie Ballweber

Computer Troubleshooters is on time, efficient and very knowledgeable.  HONEST!

The weather was bad and Carlos still managed to make it to our home.  He was friendly, knowledgeable, and honest.

Carlos gave us a sense of security that is hard to experience with people today.  My husband and I are super pleased with his service.

Linda McGahey

Total and complete confidence in Computer Troubleshooters

Carlos Soto is an excellent listener and his priority is my comfort level with computer technology.  Excellent consultation about my computer needs.  I feel totally at ease with Carlos Soto as my Computer Troubleshooters professional. 

Carlos quickly responds to my text message questions.  No question of mine is a “dumb question”, which alleviates my technophobic anxiety.  Carlos is always very accommodating. 

He took my laptop and will send it back to ASUS for repair, as it is still under warranty, and will then bring it back to me once it has been repaired.  I don’t have to be involved in shipping it back to ASUS for repair, which is a great relief to me. 

Carlos told me that it is never a problem to contact him and that it is okay to ask him any question whatsoever.  That is extremely important to me since I am intimidated and made quite anxious by computer technology. 

Excellent customer service, even when we have a complex, hard to diagnose the problem.

Debra Kozak

Carlos is the BEST!  Regardless of how busy he may be, he will always find time to help me resolve any computer issues. 

Carlos is the best GEEK ever! 

He knows what he’s doing and even though he explains it to me and I have no idea what he’s talking about, I can trust that he is doing his job right.

Childcare Management Services Tina Martin, Owner

Carlos was recommended to come and help me with my computer, he was able to quickly fix the issues that I was having.

I have to say that Computer Troubleshooters provides “excellent service.

Dudley Aud

"Computer Troubleshooters deserves a 10! in my book because Carlos always takes care of my computer problems.

Not too long ago we had our accounts breached and someone got into our bank account.

Carlos was so patient and instrumental to secure our accounts and ensuring that we were once again safe.

We trust Computer Troubleshooters, they are always just a phone call away and are always willing to give us a hand when we run into trouble.

Lynn McKnight Frederick, MD

Ricky did an excellent job of connecting my new computer

He was efficient and explained all the new features.  Thank you for your help in providing good technical assistance.

Computer Troubleshooters came and installed three external hard drives to my Mac, set up file syncing, the printer, and even helped with accessing the iCloud and Gmail accounts.

They even updated the Mac O/S software while they were here.

Susan Gardiner

Carlos is amazing at what he does!  He has helped me with my complex business systems as well as my home WiFi system.  I didn't even know what I didn't know until I talked to him.  I highly recommend his service!

Lauren Brenneman State Farm Insurance

I have had a very high-quality service with my geek, Carlos.  Take notice of ‘my’ because he has also become my friend.  I know that when I call on him he will go above & beyond to help me out.  I hope all of your employees extend the same service.  I can’t speak more highly of him or the service.  I have complete trust in him.  Has always come through for me.  As always, a satisfied customer.  We just upgraded my computer and Carlos was very effective and efficient in transferring all my favorite bookmarks and documents and helping reload my programs.  I have complete faith in my technician.  He has always advised and offered other ways for me to accomplish what needs to be done.  Answers emails and solves what to me are problems with efficiency.  I certainly don’t want to lose him.  I rely on Carlos for my computer needs.  He has always been there to answer any questions that I may have.  So glad that I found him.  True techs are hard to come by.  In all the years I’ve been with Computer Troubleshooters, they have always gone above and beyond to give me the best service and help on purchasing equipment.  During the COVID-19 lockdown, Carlos went out and stood in line and purchased a new printer for me over the weekend and then came over and installed it for me.  He has always been a great lifesaver.  Computer Troubleshooters always resolve my problem in a timely manner… dependable.

Vivian Grove

Excellent customer service…. Carlos Soto offers excellent customer service, guidance, and advice through the most difficult of computer issues. He was prompt in responding and helped me every step of the way when my computer crashed. I highly recommend Carlos and Computer Troubleshooters.


Referral Worthy…  I can’t thank you enough for your fine work on my computer.  It’s running smoothly and seems to be faster.  You have won over my business & I will try to send folks your way.  Patty enjoyed meeting you and I had fun listening to her relay the technical info back to me.  She did a good job.  God Bless you & the family.

Gary C.

Home and Business…  I will clearly call again and recommend their service to my neighbors and business associates.

N. Anderson

Honesty and Efficiency…  I’m a small company owner and after meeting Jason Radtke, Owner of Geeks On Call, I immediately switched IT services and learned very quickly about Jason’s company’s reliability, honesty and efficiency.  In fact, we really value the personal service we’ve received every time we utilized Geeks On Call services.  I highly recommend Geeks On Call services to anyone individual, small, medium or large company who is in need of IT services.  They are a great team to rely on!!!!!

George C.

Prompt and Knowledgeable…  I want to thank you for your outstanding service on my computer.  You are not only a prompt respondent, but you are very knowledgeable on all computer problems.  You are very personable, dependable and quick to diagnose problems.  Thank you for your good work.

Bill C.

Professional Service…  The service I received from the Myrtle Beach franchise was exceptional.  My home office computer crashed with a virus and I had to complete a payroll for my business.  They scheduled a technician for that same day.  He fixed the problem, and my computer was up and running, with enhanced speed, within an hour.  Mike is an excellent asset to your team.

Nancy A.

Customer Service…  I wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Walter did this afternoon on helping me restore my computer internet and also teaching me more about the usage and safety of my computer.  He installed Trend Micro Internet Security as well.  I feel confident in the fact that my computer is safe and now I have a better handle on what my daughter, who is seventeen, will be allowed to get on and what she will not be allowed to get on as far as sites.  Walter is a top notch customer service person that I will always request for any type of computer problem that I am having.  He certainly deserves recognition for his star ability.

Kelli K.

Great Results, Personable, Expert…  Michael has been an absolute asset to our small business.  Michael has helped with our IT solutions over the years and is a trusted adviser and great to work with.  Michael has been there to help us when our systems have crashed and got us up and running with little or no down time and has advised us when it was time to upgrade or change products to meet the demands of our business.  I would use no one else for our IT needs.

Robert M.

Above and beyond the call of duty…  We had an incredibly nasty virus on our computer and called Geeks On Call to remove it.

Our certified technician not only removed the virus, but added upgrades to make the computer faster and answered all of our questions thoroughly.  We now have what seems to be a new computer!

One of the convenient things was that we didn’t even have to be home for her to work on it.  Our technicians sometimes worked remotely which was perfect for our busy schedules.  We highly recommend Geeks On Call and especially our technician Jamie Belanger who worked endlessly to remove a terribly tenacious virus.  We are extremely pleased!

Danielle D.

It went very well.  Carlos is very good at what he does.  He make it look easy.

He ‘took out’ what he needed (the hard drive) from the old computer, plugged it into the right place inside the new computer.

In what seemed like minutes, the data was transferred.  Then he made sure that it was all there when we started up the new computer.  He checked to make sure the basic operations were functioning on it.  Then I was ready to go, taking it from there.  He saved me sooooooooooo much time.

Monument Landscapes, Inc. Elizabeth Millhram

Computer Troubleshooters has been helping me with my computer for years.

They have always been easy to talk to and they don’t use confusing tech jargon when they explain things.

As usual, Carlos was amazing, awesome and so helpful.  He guides my future decisions.

Judy Carr

Carlos from Geeks On Call was able to diagnose my computer problem and make recommendations on the spot

He was very professional and knowledgeable.

I have known Carlos for a long time and am very familiar with his business practices and I have recommended their services to my clients and friends.

Denise Apple

Excellent service from Carlos.

I would recommend your company to anyone.

Thanks so much, Gordon

Gordon Baker Rockville, MD

I have never had a bad experience with GEEKS ON CALL. 

The technicians are ON TIME, polite, and very professional.  I purchased my last computer through GEEKS ON CALL. 

Carlos, my technician, did a wonderful job setting up and showing me applications making my experience with my computer that much more enjoyable. 

I highly recommend GEEKS ON CALL”.  I know that I can count on them to provide prompt and great services when I need help.

Cathie Barrett

We called Geeks On Call to service our computer and they did just that.

They had our system up and running in no time at all.  They manage our computer system now so we don’t have to worry about any issues anymore.

Carlos was able to maintain us functional without any troubles, “he did an outstanding job.  Highly recommend.

Jacob Beard

I needed training on how to use my computer.

The training I received from Carlos regarding how to use my e-mail and the configuration of my system was very helpful.

I was perfectly satisfied with what Carlos did for me and sure, if anyone asked me if I would recommend his services, I would say ‘Yes’.

Michael Christie

We called Geeks On Call when we had issues with the computer and we were pleased that they were able to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

They always provide “fast service with persons who are always able to solve the problem and always go the extra mile in service.

Sadly, John passed away in 2012 but his wife, Barbara, said that John told her, “no matter what, do not stop using Carlos’ services.”

John Ewald

I do not know what I would do if I did not have Carlos to rely on for my computer needs! 

I am not computer savvy...  (as Carlos can attest to), and there have been times when he has gone out of his way to help me get on track!

Computer Troubleshooters has always been there when we needed them most when the computers were acting up.

Donna Kehr

First appointment with Geeks On Call was great.

Most helpful in decision-making about my system.  Never once felt Carlos was pushing to sell products not needed.

Easy to get an appointment the same day which was most impressive.  I’m now able to network with no problems. Thank You.

Carlos is a wonderful person.  We look forward to future service.  Always a pleasure to do business with professionals who love their job.

Sharon Layman

We have been using Geeks On Call for several years and to this day, we still use them now that they are Computer Troubleshooters because “Carlos provided prompt and professional service and fixed my problem(s). 

I appreciated the patience he demonstrated when he answered all my questions and provided additional information.”  We rely on his knowledge and expertise to provide us with the most up-to-date information in regards to our system security and maintenance.

We know that we can reach out to them, day or night, and we can reach someone to assist in anything that may arise.

They are reliable and we count on their service for our peace of mind.

Stan Mount

Friendly, efficient, capable, and competent. 

I trust my technician to recover my documents, pictures, and music and to fix a failing computer as well as upgrade me to an appropriate computer that fits my needs. 

They take all the headaches and guesswork out of the transition. 

I have used them for over ten years and will continue to seek them out when I need help.

Catherine Waite

I am very happy with the services that I have received.

I can always depend on the service I receive and any questions I have.

Mary Reed

Geeks On Call knows a lot about computers and has helped me keep my system upgraded and running. Thank you very much.

Cheryl Robinson

Prompt, efficient, reliable, honest service.  Call Computer Troubleshooters with complete confidence. 

They have friendly and professional technical support.  Carlos is a trusted and knowledgeable professional who has provided stellar service in the past! 

I would recommend Computer Troubleshooters without reservation based upon my experiences with him.

Lowell Barnard

Excellent service.  Patient teaching.  Quick response

Good service by a determined troubleshooter. 

Good service; never quit until we resolved the problem.

Computer Troubleshooters handle and manage my computer system even though I don’t have a big business.  They take the time to take care of my own needs when it comes to technology.

I love that I can call them anytime, day or night because they are always available when I need them so I don’t have to work around their schedule.

Their Help Desk service is extremely valuable to me because they make it easy to just reach out and have help at my fingertips.

Carl Schultz

There is no problem! Every time I have had a problem, I have received immediate attention and a few minutes later, no problem.

I recommend Computer Troubleshooters to anyone having a computer issue.

Jose S. Angli

Carlos Soto is a very patient, professional, and excellent technician

I am highly impressed with the assistance I always receive.  He is very thorough and does an exemplary job.

Computer Troubleshooters manage my computer so that I don’t have to worry about anything regarding the security of my computer.

Carlos and his team handle any issues that come up with my laptop.

Judy Weed

We appreciated the fast turnaround for appointments and the courtesy and knowledge of the techs.

I’ve used the service twice before and recommend you to my mother, who was also very satisfied with the service she received.

I always recommend this service to those in need of computer repair.

Elizabeth Wysong

Polite and really knows his stuff without a doubt I just wanted to take time out and let you know how pleased I am with your service!  I have used your service over the past several years 4 times and the most recent one was yesterday.  What a professional service you offer, from the lady who schedules the appointment, to the service tech that was sent out.  The tech was such a very nice young man with manners, polite and really knows his stuff without a doubt.  That was one of the reasons I asked him again to solve my problem and he did!  He got right on the problem, didn’t waste any time and asked me if I had any other issues that I was concerned with while he was there.  It certainly doesn’t get any better than that!!  As far as your rates that you charge, I find them very reasonable for the excellent service that I received.  Thank you again, for only being a phone call away when I encounter a problem…

Frankie C.

Excellent and Professional Services…  This letter is to express my sincere appreciation for the truly excellent and professional services provided by your outstanding COMPUTER EXPERT on February 25, Bryan Byrne.  With great skills and exemplary customer relation skills, the computer installation went smoothly and efficiently.  His is the type of dedicated customer service oriented person that makes a fantastic impression for you and all of GEEKS ON CALL.  He was extremely cordial and helpful quickly and expertly to all of my questions.  His impeccable appearance, professional demeanor, and diligence make a great impression for your company.

Richard D.